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trugs at home: Box 3

trugs at home: Box 3

Teaching Reading Using Games Box 3 (approx. reading age 9 – 15 years) incorporates four syllable words in decodable card games to practise, reinforce and consolidate phonic knowledge.

Parents, Classroom teachers, Special Education teachers, and Speech Pathologists will find these an invaluable resource for providing children with motivation to complete reading drills and build upon their phonological awareness.

Contents of this Box:

5 decks of cards (72 cards per deck) and instructions


Stage 11 – Soft c cigar, celebrate

Stage 12 – Soft g giraffe, gentle, giant

Stage 13 – Consonant – le simple, couple, trouble

Stage 14 – Four or more syllable words

Stage 15 – Suffixes with ti, ch, si

Suitable For: catch up readers
Type: games