Dandelion Readers & Dandelion Launchers

We are engaging with families, schools and other professionals, striving to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Through the improvement of language and literacy skills we endeavour to promote learning and boost your confidence with the growth of social interaction skills.


Ours is a Speech Pathology practice with an educational focus, engaging clients with language, speech and/or literacy difficulties, or with an autism spectrum disorder.

While children form the majority of our client base, we also work with individuals of any age who face literacy or language challenges.

Our areas of focus include:

Language Disorders

Speech Difficulties

Learning Disorders

Literacy Difficulty – including Dyslexia

Autism Spectrum Disorder – including Asperger’s Syndrome

With our dedicated and professional team based across two sites at Mitcham and Ringwood, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, we are able to offer a flexible range of service possibilities. These include both individual and group sessions, with tailored interventions in both private consultation and school environments. Additional school holiday programmes are also offered several time a year, providing an opportunity for intensive intervention.

Mitcham Clinic

Behind Early Settler, first floor

Ringwood Clinic

Opposite Eastland Shopping Centre