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Literacy Difficulty (Including Dyslexia)

Literacy Difficulty (Including Dyslexia)

Many children struggle learning to read and write during their first year at school.

These children often have a phonological processing disorder (difficulty discriminating speech sounds).  This hampers their efforts to learn which letters, or letter combinations, represent which sounds.  They may need a very structured intervention, which can be provided by our Speech Pathologists.

Dyslexia is a common issue where people have difficulty reading and comprehending, despite normal intelligence. There are various types of dyslexia, however there is no international standard definition of it. Our clinic uses many skills and strategies to help people of all ages to fully develop their reading and comprehension skills.

Everyone is assessed individually, and a tailored program developed for their particular needs.

Read more about difficulty with literacy from the SPA Fact Sheet on Communication Impairment in Australia.