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trugs at home: Box 2

trugs at home: Box 2

Teaching Reading Using Games Box 2 (approx.. reading age 7.5 – 9 years) builds on the structured phonics experience seen in Box 1 by incorporating two and three syllable words in an engaging way to reinforce and consolidate letter-sound correspondences.

Parents, Classroom teachers, Special Education teachers, and Speech Pathologists will find these an invaluable resource for providing children with motivation to complete reading drills and build upon their phonological awareness.

Content of this Box:

5 decks of cards (72 cards per deck) and instructions


Stage 6 – Split digraph (vowel – consonant – e) make, fine, code, tuneful

Stage 7 – Vowel digraphs and trigraphs snail, seen, light, boat, statue

Stage 8 – Alternate vowel digraphs boy, out, paw

Stage 9 – Two-syllable words limit, pilot

Stage 10 – Three-syllable words consider, discontent

Suitable For: beginner / foundation readers
Type: games