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trugs at home: Box 2

trugs at home: Box 2

This builds on the structured phonics experience seen in Box 1 by incorporating two and three syllable words in an engaging way to reinforce and consolidate letter-sound correspondences.

Content of this Box:

5 decks of cards (72 cards per deck) and instructions


Stage 6 – Split digraph (vowel – consonant – e) make, fine, code, tuneful

Stage 7 – Vowel digraphs and trigraphs snail, seen, light, boat, statue

Stage 8 – Alternate vowel digraphs boy, out, paw

Stage 9 – Two-syllable words limit, pilot

Stage 10 – Three-syllable words consider, discontent


Approximate Age: 7.5—9 years

Suitable For: beginner / foundation readers
Type: games